Student Services

Ms. Hoffman, Student Services Director
Ms. Debra Hines, Certified School Counselor
Ms. Mona Cadet, Certified School Counselor
Mr. Bolden, ESE Specialist
Ms. Jairam, School Social Worker

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Our Certified School Counselors and support staff help our students to achieve success and develop skills that will enrich their lives long after they complete their study at Henry D. Perry Education Center. We provide a variety of programs and services to aid students Students are guided through their academic pathways. Counselors assist students in making college, technical and career decisions. Counselors work with our full-time Social Workers to link students to outside services as needed. Counselors aid students in identifying and completing Service Learning Activities in compliance with high school graduation requirements.


Progress at your own pace
Improve your GPA
Graduate with your cohort
Learning the 21st Century Way! E-Learning classes led by certified instructors
Core Subjects include: English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies

Co-Enrollment/Night School

Students who are enrolled in public or private high school in Broward County are eligible to participate in co-enrolled classes.


Please make an appointment with your School Counselor to obtain a CO-ENROLLED PROGRAM ADMISSIONS FORM.

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Do you need help in Algebra?
You can access this website by clicking the link Simply select the name of your school, enter your Student ID, and enter your birthday to logon.

To enroll in co-enrolled courses, your school counselor or designee will complete a Co-Enrolled Admission Form. You will bring the form with you to register at Henry D. Perry Education Center.


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Contact Guidance Services at (754) 321-7056

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