Many would say that their high school experience was either fun, easy or even a bit of a struggle. I traveled through high school thinking I had all the time in the world.  I eventually pulled myself together and was headed in the right direction. Today marks the ending of high school, but the beginning of a great life. I will miss the wonderful people I have met here at OC and would never forget them. I came, I saw, and I conquered. I have arrived.

2013 Graduate Rock Island OC 

Ash’le B.

My experience at OC was very influential. I was able to progress and grow thanks to the supporting staff surrounding me.

Rock Island- OC


Off Campus is a great place because you can focus on your work easily since you are working at your own pace. The teachers are always around to aid students if they don’t understand something. Best of all, your credits can be earned at a much quicker pace as long as you put the effort into it.

Luis – Pompano OC

OC, Oh what an experience it has been for me! Before OC I felt as if I wasn’t going to graduate, being that I was lacking credits. Being at OC has given me a whole new outlook on graduating, instead of stressing, cramming, and trying to memorize everything I’m being taught… I’m able to FOCUS! Focus on getting my work done and also manage my time to study. OC has opened a door for me because I’m focused and no longer easily distracted.  I will walk right through that open door and into an eye blinding future. Much thanks to OC at the YMCA location.

Tavarian R. – YMCA OC

The OC. program helped me in many ways. It allowed me an alternative to get my High-school Diploma. The teachers are very caring and supportive. They go above and beyond to help you progress through the program. Finding time to work on your classes is not a dilemma for you can work on them at home or anywhere that has access to the internet.  I’d highly recommend this program to someone looking for another way to learn outside of a regular class.

Tyler J. – Tamarac OC

This program gave me a chance to get my high school diploma when my high school was no longer an option. I like that not everyone who gets kicked out of their high school can come here. I know that the students here are students who are serious about earning their credits.

Steven M. – Tamarac OC

I am a current student at South Central OC. I love this location. All the teachers are extremely helpful, everything is kept clean and I feel safe.  And I also love the fact that you can come to school and work from home.  The schedule is very flexible. It also gives me the opportunity to earn my credits faster than a traditional school. The School Counselors are helpful, always available to me when I need them and always tell me things that can help me in the near future.

Jasmine H. – South Central OC

My name is Essence and I attend the OC program at College Plaza (Pembroke Pines) location. I have been attending this program for 3 years and I must say it has been very beneficial. This program has allowed me to move at my own pace and gave me the opportunity to increase my workload to achieve my goals. The program has given me the ability to attend school during the hours that best fit my daily life. Its flexible schedule allows me to work more hours on my job while getting a standard high school diploma. The OC program has provided me an insight of how college life would be. This program has helped me to develop a stronger mindset especially when the Plato lessons became a little tough.  OC has helped me build a stronger character within myself.

Essence – College Plaza

My goal in attending my Off Campus is to raise my GPA up to a 2.0 so I can return to my home school (Cypress Bay High School). OC is helping me accomplish this because of the web-based curriculum which allows me to finish up all of my classes at my own pace and achieve my goal of raising my GPA.

David R. – New River OC

I am taking Algebra 2 (semester 2) and Physical Science (semester 1).  I enjoy going to school at the OC.  In the Science class, I have to wait for the narrator to finish speaking before the next part of the text appears because I read faster than she speaks. In math, I wish they had more examples like a textbook.  The web-based program is easy to use and I like to learn this way.  It makes it easier for me because I hope to graduate at the end of this school year during the summer of 2014 so I can go to college in the fall.

Daniela M. – New River OC.

I’ve been going to Be Right Back (OC) for one year and it has been a pleasant experience. I get to do my work at my own pace and I can do it from home when I can’t make it to the campus. The teachers are very nice. They are ready and willing to assist me in my work.  Sometimes I have difficulties with my assignments but my teachers help me overcome those difficulties.  My favorite part about attending school at Be Right Back (OC) is that there is an AM class and a PM class.

Dominique B. – South Central BRB/OC

I started the OC program when I was in the 11th grade with a negative attitude and views that I would not graduate in time with my peers.  To start off, I had almost 6 or 7 credits and in a year and a half, I have 15.5.  The Off Campus is a great program and it gave me a second chance when I messed up in school. The program is very manageable and the schedule is flexible allowing me to work at my own pace.  I believe anyone can benefit from this program. OC is a great chance for you to move up in life and not be put in a box for life. The education you get at this program will help to better yourself and prepare you for the future.

Ricky A. – South Central OC


  Class of 2021 Summer Commencement Ceremony   Thursday, August 5, 2021, at 7:00 p.m. Pompano Beach High School Gymnasium